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In this collection, I deconstruct conventional symbols used in jewellery, that represent the mind of humankind throughout the ages in an absurd melted metal collage. If you look closely, in the forms you may find crosses melted into crescent moons, dolphins, dragons and Mickey Mouse.

I imagine all of it overgrown and digested by nature.

As if a thousand years from now, a less self-destructive civilisation were to find them.

Evolution of the collective soul starts with those who trust themselves and question.

All pieces are hand-made out of solid sterling silver.

My pieces are not like typical chain-store jewellery. All pieces are treated as works of art, with various polishing techniques; some elements are treated with blackening oxide, some left raw, some polished to a smooth shine and some left a little rough, with signs of the artist's hand present. The silver is intentionally not rhodium-plated like most store-bought jewellery and therefore continues it's life on the body of the wearer. 



The ring sizes in the shop are presented using the US sizing system for its simplicity.

If you are used to a different sizing system, please use this chart for easy conversion.

Size Chart mine.jpg

If you do not know your ring size, you can go to your local jeweller to have your finger measured.

You can also measure it yourself at home.

This is a less precise method but it's still not a bad option since most of the rings in the shop are adjustable and can be made slightly tighter or looser for a perfect fit.

1. Wrap a string or strip of paper around your finger. (Make sure that it isn't too tight around your finger.)

2. Mark the point where the strings intersect (like in the picture) and cut.

3. Measure the string or paper with a ruler.

4. Use the ring size chart above (last column in mm) to find your ring size.

ring sizing help.jpg

Below is a reference picture of mine and my friend's hands, just for you to have an idea of relative ring sizes.

Naturally, everyone's measurements are different, just thought this might help.

Ring sizing example.jpg


Due to the fact that the rings are handmade to order, please allow 1-2 weeks for production. Currently, I am going through a transition phase, moving production to the EU, this means that it may take up to 3-4 weeks especially for items marked as "new".

Soon everything should run more smoothly and take a lot faster. I will update this section promptly.


As of 13 May 2023

European Union: €10   3-5 working days

UK: €15   3-5 working days

USA, Canada: €25   5-7 working days

Rest of the world: €50   5-7 working days

For orders above €200, the shipping is FREE



The jewellery items are made to order personalised items, and are therefore not subject to refunds.

If there is a fault with the jewellery or it breaks within 30 days upon receiving the item, I will be happy to send you a replacement at no additional cost. In this case, just send me a photo of the defect via email and we will arrange a new one to be shipped to you.

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