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Миру - Мир!   "Miru - Mir!"


DorDor Gallery

24 May 2019

«Mir Miru!» , “Peace to the World!” is a famous slogan that entered Soviet press in May 1949, 50 years ago.

The slogan’s source can be traced back to an 18th Century Russian Orthodox litany, asking the Lord to grant peace to the world.

This epoch-transcending sentiment, present in sacred writings, as well as propaganda of an atheist state, held true for a nation that underwent revolutions and wars under flags of diametrically opposed ideologies.

In my work, at the intersection of art and fashion, I seek to explore symbols that have shaped national identity, lift the layers of meaning, liquefy social constructs and unveil the pure essence of the human soul.


            The cross / The red star / St. George’s military ribbon / The icon of Mother Mary...

         Logo-like shapes and their narratives, crafted by ruling powers with ambiguous agendas…

                 Bibles / Machine guns / Uniform / Newspaper kiosks…

                              Tools to shape collective beliefs and behaviour…

                                  Roses / Carnations / Flowers on altars / On memorials / On grave stones / In lover’s bouquets…

                      Ephemeral living beings that remind us of who we really are, making sense of our brief lives in this ever-changing, eclectic world.

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